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Description of data register

A description of data register complying with Section 10 in the Personal Data Act (523/1999).

Owner of the register 
City of Lahti
Harjukatu 31
15100 Lahti, Finland 
Business ID 01496693

Person in charge of the register 
Project Manager Pasi Halme 
phone: +358 (0)50 398 5992 
Email: firstname.lastname@lahti.fi

Name of the register 
The customer register of the City of Lahti’s online store

Grounds for maintaining the register 
The person has registered as a Customer in the City of Lahti’s online store.

The purpose of the register 
The purpose of the register is to maintain a customer register for the City of Lahti’s online store and to record and process the customers’ orders. The information may be used to develop the online store’s operation, for statistical purposes and in marketing. The personal information is handled within the limits set by the Personal Data Act. The information in the register may be used in the online store’s own registers for target marketing purposes without disclosing personal data to third parties.

Information stored in the register 
The customer register contains the following information: 
A person’s first name and last name 
Email address 
Postal address 
Telephone number 
Information on the processed orders

Disclosing the information 
The information will not be disclosed to parties outside of the City of Lahti. The personal information of a registered user will be destroyed at their request.

Protecting the register 
Third parties will not be allowed access to the register. The processing of the information in the register requires a password and a username, as well as sufficient access rights. The register is protected from outside use, and the use of the information is monitored. 
The register is located on a password-protected server hosted by the technical service provider of the City of Lahti’s online store.