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Pink manor sheltered by Aino Park, the current Lahti Historical Museum, has undergone a variety of stages in three different centuries. In 1898, the manor, built by Captain August Fellman, was completed. The captain’s family got a beautiful home and facilities for important meetings and many celebrations. Lahti received a magnificent monument. After the Fellmans, the manor has operated a kindergarten, a primary school, a trade school, a dental clinic and much more for more than 40 years. The Summer Theatre and the City Orchestra have brought life to Aino park during the summer. For their part, the experts shed light on the stages related to the history of the manor and Lahti. The illustration, about 180 images, enlivens the stories while witnessing a change of the environment. Published by Lahti Manor Friends Association. 160 pages.

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This book is in Finnish.

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